How Weave Grew My Natural Hair

Lately the more I post pictures of my natural hair online the more questions I get asking “How did you get your hair to grow so long?”, and “How can I get my hair to grow like that?” And instead of responding to everyone individually I’m going to share with you girls my (6) easy hair care tips in how I achieved healthy hair grow with my natural hair wearing weave!!!  Now please keep in mind before we get started that ultimately YOU will need to do what is best for you, your hair, and your lifestyle but I hope that something you read will help you on your hair journey!  Oh!  And make sure if you do use any of these methods to post online and hashtag #HairLoveeHairtips so I can see all y’alls fabulous hair grow! Now let’s get started!

NUMBER 1: “Protect it” The most important and effective tip that has worked for me! I didn’t have a perm or relaxer when my hair grew a little past shoulder length because I decided that I wanted to go “natural” in 2004 (which I highly recommend) but yet instill I used a lot of heat on my hair to straighten and style it, and continued to wonder why my hair would not grow past a certain length....and honestly that’s when weave came into play!  I wear weave as a protective method to my natural hair.  Other protective methods are braids, twists, bantu knots, sewins and my favorite couture wig units!  It was really when I began to wear couture wigs or customized handmade wigs (available by emailing HAIRLOVEE@GMAIL.COM) when I noticed my hair growing out more!  This protective method ensured that my natural hair would be protected and not damaged with excessive heat or harsh chemicals from coloring because it was always braided underneath my couture wigs!  These couture wigs aren't your grandmomma’s wigs and when installed correctly can give the appearance of your hair growing out your scalp!  And may I add super cute, versatile and convenient!  You could wake up looking like Meek Mills with the braids and all, but once you throw on a couture wig you'll be out the door looking like Nicki Minaj! LOL!

NUMBER 2: “Wash it” Honestly I do not wash my natural hair a whole lot.  Ideally I would love to wash my hair every other week but it can be a lot of work to detangle, wash and blow dry my hair, which is typically a three hour process!  But, when I do wash my hair, I co-wash it or conditioner-wash, with a moisturizing conditioner.  Then every other wash (along with the co-wash) I use a sulfate-free shampoo (before my co-wash) to get rid all the accumulated buildup and dirt.  A trick I learned from TheChicNatural on YouTube (check her out she’s pretty dope!) is when you shampoo your hair not put any shampoo on your ends to avoid any further breakage or splits to your ends.

NUMBER 3: “Take it” Some people may not be in favor of this one or can’t swallow (no pun intended, lol) the fact of taking pills every day but for me taking Biotin vitamins has helped to promote my natural hair growth.  I've been taking Biotin vitamins for about the last year and a half now and noticed these vitamins were the catalyst in growing out my hair longer than before. Initially, after doing a lot of research online and asking a lot of questions, I began to take the ManeChoice vitamins. Yes, these B7 vitamins did promote hair growth but they also left my pockets a little dry spending $50-$60 for a two month supply.  I found out that I could just get the Biotin vitamins and for a lot cheaper price at Target or Walmart, and in return only costed me between $3-$6  depending on the dosage. #WINNING! 

(*Please keep in mind these vitamins have worked for me.  Do you research as well and consult your doctor and/or physicians if you are pregnant or have had any known side effects with biotin)

NUMBER 4: “Drink it” Duh! Now we all know this one, get rid of the pops and sodas ladies and drink you some water!  It’s important to be mindful that what you put into your body also has a direct correlation in how your body looks on the outside.  So drink your water ladies, at least eight glasses a day if not more and get your glow up girl!

NUMBER 5: “Trim it” Trim your ends! Now this one I may need to be slapped for!  But I think it’s best to trim your ends at least twice a year at the least. I don’t always follow through with this BUT I do try to at least dust my ends when it's obvious myself to rid my noticeable split ends. This helps to maximize your length, speeds up the detangling process and is simple enough to do yourself!

NUMBER 6: “Moisturize it” Jamaican castor oil and coconut oil has worked for me.  I had two small hair plugs at each of my temples and I used Jamaican castor oil throughout my scalp but more specifically concentrated the oil directly on those two areas and in about a month I noticed my hair started to begin to grow back!  I also did keep less tension at these two areas and stayed away from bobby pins and too tight braids that may have contributed to my hair loss to begin with.

P.S.  I'm trying this one out now, but I heard massaging your scalp everyday helps to promote healthy hair growth because it stimulates the blood vessels near the scalps surface giving each hair follicle the best possible start condition to grow.  Sounds interesting!  I'll let you ladies know how that goes in a few months.

So that's it Lovees!  Six easy, simple, and inexpensive hair tips that has helped to grow my natural hair all while wearing weave!  Wait, one last thing don't forget to RELAX!  Don't stress if you don't see results immediately, and don't compare your hair journey to anyone else because it won't necessarily be the same!  Give it some time; enjoy and have fun with your hair!  I really hope that these hair tips help you along your hair growth journey and don't forget I'm always here to help!  Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any additional questions and/or comments and talk to ya on the next blog ;)

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