Be Good to Your Weave and Your Weave will be Good to You!!!

I get so many questions in how I keep my deep curly or wavy bundles poppin?!?!!?!!! First, it starts with good quality virgin hair extensions (sold at Hair Love of course) and secondly a good hair routine which I have listed below that will revert any curly hair back to it’s original natural state.  

(I started the below routine on my Hair Love Brazilian Deep Curly Love bundles pictured here that I made into a couture wig almost two years ago)

Take care of your weave


1.) DETANGLE hair with denman brush or wide tooth comb starting from the bottom up

2.) SATURATE your hair with cool water and add a sulfate free conditioner (Organix Argan Oil of Moroccan the blue bottle)

3.) Without rising the conditioner out completely use your denman brush through your hair (from top to bottom) to ensure all kinks and knots are out.  During this process the denman brush should easily slide through your hair like butter baby! lol 🙂

4.) WASH out all the conditioner with cool water to help seal in the moisture and to maintain your hair’s natural shine.  At this point you can also add about a quarter size amount of leave-in conditioner or a light serum for a “wet” look; just gently finger comb through your locks. (I did not add any leave-in conditioner or serum in my picture below).

5.) USE an old t-shirt and NOT a cotton towel to capture excessive water which prevents frizziness and loss of moisture

6.) On LOW heat diffuse your ends for a more defined curl pattern for about 5 minutes.  If you do not have a diffuser no problem just use your hands and gently scrunch the ends of your hair for the same affect.

7.) Here, you can add a small dime size amount of oil (Coconut, Argan, Morocco, etc) for some added shine throughout your hair.

8.) Do not TAMPER with your hair and let it air dry overnight.

P.S. If you do not have time to fully co-wash your hair use a spray bottle with water and a about a cap full or two of conditioner to dampen your hair and detangle and follow the same steps to achieve the same look

I really hope that this routine helps with keeping your curly/wavy hair bundles poppin!!!  And if you have any other methods for curly hair routines be sure to comment below so I can try! Talk to ya on the next blog 😉

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